the curly haired goddess (angelic_shay) wrote,
the curly haired goddess

The Sweetest Thing...

So I am driving in to work this morning, and I am on a two laned "sort of" highway - speed limit is 80kms/hr.
Two lanes going in each direction I mean...

Heading in the opposite direction, I see a car...stopped in one of the two lanes.

I think..."oh dear, he broke down...on a Monday. Poor guy". Then he stops a car coming up behind him. Then he begins waving frantically at the other cars coming up in the lane beside his...and they all begin to slow down...and then stop.

And then I see the reason for his madness. Seven little baby ducks, all in a row, crossing the road...motherless. The man begins to crouch over and sort of wave the little dears on, to see them safely to the other side. No touching, just sort of...encouraging.

The cutest thing. ♥

Strangely enough - I saw the same thing last year, on the same stretch of road...except they had a mother with them that time.

I wonder to myself, imagine if it was the same man!?

And my faith in mankind is renewed once again.

At least for a little while.
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